Jon Gosselin Shacks Up With New Girlfriend


jongosselinJon Gosselin and his 25-year-old girlfriend Morgan Christie are reportedly living together. Find out where!

It’s Utah! A source tells that Jon doesn’t have any money, is trying to get rid of his pad in NYC, and is basically escaping the drama by staying with Christie in Park City.

“Jon can’t afford to pay his bills and a lot of people are asking for their money immediately,” the source said. “Jon doesn’t have money to pay lawyer bills, legal fees and Manhattan rent. He needs to get rid of the NYC apartment. It is all too much for him to handle.”

For now, it’s all snowboarding fun with his new love.

“Jon is staying with Morgan in Utah and they are hitting the slopes together. He felt like he needed to get away from the drama, so he escaped with Morgan to her family home,” the source said. “Jon still hasn’t figured out what he’s going to do next or how he’s going to make a regular paycheck. Kate is taking care of the kids pretty much on her own, aside from his occasional visits.”

I would like to know how often he’s visiting his eight kids in Pennsylvania. If he’s temporarily staying in Utah, he’s obviously not seeing them at the moment. I hope Kate doesn’t let them go on the computer and see all the nastiness about his father out in cyberspace. Oh wait, she’s probably too busy anyway pulling at her hair extensions.