Jon Gosselin Spotted With Yet Another Lady Friend


jon-bar-girlContinuing with his campaign to become America’s most despised celebrity dad, Jon Gosselin reportedly hooked up with another 20-something late Saturday night and brought her back to the house where the “plus 8″ live.

From Radar:

“Jon was reportedly out at a bar/restaurant Saturday night in Pennsylvania and seen with a twenty-something woman who appeared interested, very interested, in him.

The woman, wearing a red dress, seemed very taken with Jon. She drove her own car back to his house and tried to leave before anyone saw. But she wasn’t successful.”

So, look for photos to surface from this girl’s walk of shame. What was she thinking?

As to what Jon was thinking… probably the same thing he was thinking in this picture. He seems bent on making himself out to be a villain.

Hooking up with the third woman in as many weeks isn’t going to make Jon any friends, but taking this girl back to his kids’ house (which he owns with his estranged wife) — that’s bound to get brought up in divorce court. Bad move.

Isn’t that what the bachelor pad in NYC is for?