Jon Gosselin: The Kids Are Alright



Is having their family’s life broadcast on TLC screwing up the Gosselin kids?

Says Jon, no way. Now shut up and let me keep making money off them… Take that Kathie Lee. (I’m kidding, that’s not what he said)

Responding to allegations the Jon & Kate Plus 8 is breaking Pennsylvania child labor laws and questions about exploitation, Jon had this to say:

“I don’t even want to use that word [exploitation], because I think it’s ridiculous,” he told People magazine. “We have healthy, happy, well-adjusted, educated kids. They’re bouncing around and having a good time.”

As you probably know, authorities in Pennsylvania are reportedly trying to determine whether Jon & Kate are guilty of exploiting their kids. I’m guessing many Americans would simply say, “uhhh, yeah.”

When it comes to the cheating rumors, Jon denies that any sleeping around is going on in his family.

“I think all parents, and anyone who is married, are always going to have times when you’re upset with someone,” Jon said. “This is a reality show, so you’re going to see real emotion.”

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