Jon Gosselin Thinks Kate Is A Good Mom According To Kate 2.0



It’s great that Jon Gosselin thinks his estranged wife Kate is a good mom.  I’m sure she’ll appreciate hearing that from Jon’s girlfriend, Kate Major (or as she’s also known as, Kate 2.0).  It will be really meaningful coming from someone Jon just met a few weeks ago.

Kate Major said of Jon, “People grow apart, people change – but as a mother he speaks very highly of her.”  I’m totally sure Kate Gosselin will get all warm and fuzzy if she hears about or reads that.

She added, “He expressed to me how difficult it’s been for him, with…media constantly surrounding him.  After spending a week with him straight, I pretty much can see how difficult it is.”

Kate 2.0 wants us to feel sorry for her, too.  “It’s been really hard.  I’ve pretty much had to go into hiding.”  She sort of regrets her decision to mix business with pleasure.  She quit her job as senior reporter for Star.  She admits, “I just felt it was obviously a conflict of interest, to say the least… Yes, I did  make a mistake.”

Major believes there was an instant chemistry between her and the TV father-of-eight, but isn’t sure what the future holds.  Last time I checked, Jon said he loved Hailey Glassman.  But then he dated Stephanie.  His kids’ babysitter.  Who knows with this guy.  Glad he’s sending mixed messages to different women and periodically forgetting to put HIS KIDS FIRST.  Thumbs up Jon.

Can’t wait to hear what Kate Gosselin has to say on Monday.