Jon Gosselin To Pen Memoir


As Kate Gosselin films her two new shows for TLC, appears on morning talk shows, shows up on Internet sites in her bikini, and just generally works to support her family, Jon Gosselin has remained jobless since the couple got divorced and Jon & Kate Plus 8 went off the air. Sure, he’s done the random night of bartending or selling of autographs, but professional opportunist doesn’t quite make the cut for child support payments. We’ve heard rumors that he’s been trying to get another reality gig, but his contract with TLC has made this difficult.

His new idea for some cash is so obvious it’s amazing Jon didn’t think of it earlier. He’ll be penning a book!

Kate has also written a series of best selling books, so this is not a completely original idea. He thought of it with the help of his new life coach Sylvia Lafair who will be co-authoring the tomb.  She’ll likely get a cut, in addition to her pay for taking Jon on “soul searching missions into the mountains of Pennsylvania at $10,000 a trip.”

A Slice of Life: Jon Gosselin’s Story will be a memoir, most likely of the tragicomic variety, detailing his “journey” from nobody, to reality TV character, to tabloid punching bag. Also included are ways he dealt with his father’s death and relationship tips he’s learned from working to reframe his bond with his family, including his two brothers and mother.

Jon gets a lot of slack, but he has been through a lot. If he’s been succesful in the area of relationships, then maybe he can help some people. His qualifications may not be stellar, but at least they are real life issues he has actually dealt with. He could have gone in another direction and made a picture book of dragons, available with the purchase of three Ed Hardy shirts and called it a day.

The book will be for his children and is a part of his “rebirth,” and work with his life coach to become a better person. “He wants to be the most effective father,” Sylvia says. “He wants to find a way to speak for his generation in terms of getting married, divorced and raising kids and finding a better way to live his life.”

As much as I like to slam him, I’m happy he’s doing something. Will you buy the book?