Jon Gosselin To Press: Please Write Something Nice About Me


jon-gosselin-vma-partyAs Jon Gosselin mixed and mingled with real celebrities at this weekend’s star-studded events in Manhattan, it seems that he was struggling with a case of image envy. Maybe it was being around people who are famous for their talents that made him feel out of place, but word has it that Jon was doing his damndest to boost his street cred — including name dropping and even asking reporters for help.

As Jon arrived on the red carpet of In Touch Weekly’s “Icons and Idols” VMA after-party, he was overheard asking reporters to  “please write something nice about me.”

OK, Jon, here it is: based on what we know about you, you don’t appear to be suffering from a lack of libido and based on your history, your sperm count is within the normal range. There, I did it. Maybe that will make Jon feel better about himself.

Really though, what else is there to say? Way to feature your family in a damaging reality show that ruined your marriage? Jon’s only claim to fame is his reality show and his sextuplets. Will Jon ever really be able to weasel his way into legit celebrity status?

Jon was also overheard talking loudly about some of his high profile “friends,” and how he can’t stand their overblown egos:

“I hate when celebrities make a big deal of themselves,” he said. “When I talk to Diddy, I’m just like ‘Hey Sean, no big deal.'”

Do you really believe that Diddy really lets Jon call him “Sean?” Has Jon ever even met Diddy?