Jon Gosselin Tries To Keep His Kids Private -By Taking Them To An Arcade!


Gosselin FamilyJon Gosselin has taken to his twitter account to proclaim that the reason you don’t see much of him with his kids is because he tries to keep their time together private. But yet here he is photographed leaving a local arcade called The Works at Wyomissing with six of his eight kids, not looking at all upset that he is being photographed. He has also tweeted that “The reason I can’t answer when asked if I have the kids is because paparazzi can see and I don’t want them looking for me and my kids.” Wow Jon Gosselin, if you’re so worried about people showing up to photograph your kids, you might want to stop talking about them on twitter and asking for suggestions on where to go with them.
He then went on to tweet that “Thanks all for understanding my last tweet. I’m just protecting my children.” I get that he wants to protect his kids, but his comments would be more believable if he hadn’t had them on television from the moment of their birth. Jon Gosselin is only known because of the fact that he was on a television show about his children, and he knows that. And tweeting about it only increases the public’s desire to see his children. If Jon Gosselin wants to live a nice quiet life with his children in private, maybe he should do so and stop tweeting about it.  What do you think?  Do you think Jon should stop talking about how he wants his privacy on twitter?  Do you believe him?

Gosselin Kids

Photo: INF