Jon Gosselin Tries To Rebuild Image With Charity Work


St. Jon GosselinIs Jon trying to cancel out his transgressions with good works? If so, he’s going to have to do a lot of good. Well, here’s a start: on Tuesday, Jon spent three hours with the cancer-stricken kids at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in NYC.

From Us Magazine:

“Jon is trying to get involved with more kids charities,” a source tells Us. “He is very into kids and being a dad is very sympathetic to the plight of less fortunate children.”

Good for Jon, even if he doesn’t succeed at convincing anybody he’s not a monster, at least while he’s spending time at the hospital, he can’t be out making embarrassing headlines. That’s definitely a step in the right direction from a rehabilitation standpoint.

The same source (likely Jon or his PR hack) also took the time to explain how things ended up with Kate Major — just so camp Jon didn’t leave us hangin’. Here’s what they had to say:

“He has never been to a hotel with her and has NEVER brought her into his house or around his kids and would never ever do that. And he never planned a trip to Vegas with her. He left her a message [earlier this summer] when he was going to break up with Hailey [Glassman] and never to speak to him again and that’s the last he’s heard from her. She was a mistake.”