Jon Gosselin Turns to Twitter in Attempt to Rehabilitate his Image


Jon Gosselin Twitter AdIt seems like Jon Gosselin has been ‘working’ hard these days to try to change his image, and he’s using social media to do it. In the past year the Gosselin’s both Jon and Kate, have been labelled as less than ideal parents for their large brood, but Jon wins the ‘worst dad of the year award’ through his constant string of ‘questionable’ personal choices. From his endless girlfriends, his lack of employment and his poor lifestyle choices, Jon was the poster child for ‘bad dad.’ Now it seems that he’s trying to become a changed man, and he’s using his Twitter account to let us all know!

Now, while some may question Kate’s choices in how she chooses to earn a living, at least she’s bringing an income in for her large family. Seems that Jon has felt the pressure to do the same and has agreed to place ads on his Twitter page! You see companies will pay ‘celebrities’ to post tweets that seem conversational, promoting their goods or services. They do however disclose at the end of the tweet that they are, in fact, ads. And Jon has been placing these sponsored tweets on his Twitter page recently, as well as increasing his social media presence by tweeting, a lot. In fact, in Jon’s twitter bio he has his IMDB page listed! Seems that Jon fancies himself a celebrity so much that he needs to remind you that he has actually been on tv and isn’t just some guy who’s at home twittering while he could be out making a living to support his 8 children.
Most of the sponsored tweets have been from Farmville a Facebook application that has a reputation as being slightly annoying (perhaps a perfect fit with Gosselin?) and one can only wonder if they actually believe that having Gosselin promoting their application will increase their members. He also seems to be schilling for an email app that is in its beta stage as well as other reward-type programs. Also interesting is that Gosselin is now apologizing to his ‘fans’ for refusing to post any pictures of his famous kids on his twitter site out of respect for their privacy. However, when he was on TLC’s payroll, privacy was the last thing from him mind! Seems to be another thinly veiled shot at his ex-wife, who currently has their kids back on TV with her own show, Kate + 8.
So what do you think about Jon Gosselin trying to rehabilitate his image using Twitter? And what about him earning money by placing sponsored ads on his Twitter page? Personally I think Jon Gosselin should spend less time on Twitter talking to his girlfriend, and more time actually finding a real job. Because as bad as some might perceive Kate Gosselin to be she seems to be the only person supporting that extra-large family!