Jon Gosselin Wearing Kate's Floppy Girl Hat



Why is Jon Gosselin wearing his estranged wife Kate’s floppy, girlie hat?  I’m not sure, but one thing I know:  He looks amazing in it!

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Jon will surely have all the ladies swooning when they see THIS, but I’m guessing his motives aren’t to attract the ladies, because he wants to stay single and focus on his family.  *Cough*  OK, I’ll try to stop being a meanie to Jon.  Try, being the key word.

My guess?  Jon is wearing the hat to get some TV camera attention laughs from his kids, because children love when their daddy dresses up like a girl!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 season opener airs on Monday, August 3.  Maybe we’ll find out the real reason Jon is wearing Kate’s hat?

I have to admit… I do like this photo of Jon kissing his baby girl.  Very cute!