Jon Gosselin Wears the Pants But Still Looks Like a Douchebag



Jon Gosselin is tired of being beaten into submission by his wife Kate, so he’s putting on some Ed Hardy to show who wears the pants in the family. Unfortunately he chose a pair that’s making him look like an idiot. Seriously, would you be caught dead with a guy who looks like he stole Siegfried and Roy’s jeans?

By the way, that red sweatshirt? $275.

I say both Kate and Jon need to get over themselves and start thinking of those eight children of theirs. If Kate spent a little less time fussing over her ridiculous haircut and Jon cut his outlet shopping time in half, they might be able to see to it that their kids don’t get swept up in the circus that’s become their marriage. Although, come to think of it, Jon’s new wardrobe is perfect for the big top.