Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend At Kate's Gosselin's House!


It turns out that after Jon Gosselin spent the entire weekend having a getting-to-know-you pow-wow between his eight kids and his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross, he decided it would be just fine to have Ross swing by Kate’s house with him and drop them off. Ross, for her part seemed happy as a lark in Kate’s driveway, holding Kate’s kids in her ams and saying her good-byes in front of the eyes of the world. And I’m pretty sure Kate Gosselin, on seeing these photos, just threw up all over her computer screen. I’ll bet she’s not the only one.

I mean, come on. This was seriously uncalled for. It’s not like Jon doesn’t know that there are cameras parked out in front of the house. It’s not like the girlfriend doesn’t hear the clicking of the shutter button as she’s posing with Kate’s kids on Kate’s front lawn. And its not like any of this was in the best interests of those kids. Yes, they have to get home. No, they don’t have to be escorted by their father’s brand new girlfriend.

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