Jon Gosselin's Lawyer Gets Poetic On Kate (Video)


jon-kate-gosselin-talkingIn an apparent attempt to elevate the level of discourse in the very public Jon & Kate money feud, Jon’s attorney decided to quote one of my favorite poets, Mother Goose. According to Heller, Kate is like the old woman in the shoe… living in a glass house… with some serious stones… or something like that. You’ve got to check out the video below.

I can agree with him on a part of the analogy. I mean, Kate does have a lot of kids and doesn’t seem to know what to do — and her kids are definitely suffering as a result. Aside from that, I’m not really sure what he was getting at.

The quote was made in reference to the money that went missing from the couple’s joint bank account last month. Jon has apparently paid his $180K back. When it comes to the $33K that Kate withdrew and supposedly spent on “the kids,” apparently Team Kate is stonewalling.

Not to take Jon’s side or anything, but what did she do with the money? Buy all the kids dirt bikes?

Shouldn’t Kate have to provide some kind of info about the money she took? To quote another truism: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.