Jon Gosselin's Mystery Blonde Identified (PHOTOS)!



Jon Gosselin was spotted having dinner with a “mystery” blonde in New York last weekend.  And no, it wasn’t his current 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman.  So, who was Jon dining with?

Her name is Kate Major, and she’s the senior reporter for Star magazine.  You can see all the photos of their night out here.

So, I have some questions.  Is Jon dating this woman, and if so, does Hailey know?  And if he’s not, and he dined with her to give her some sort of “scoop” for Star, what’s up with that?  I thought he and Kate said no more talking to media to PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN?

Either Jon is two-timing Hailey Glassman, or he’s playing the field and Hailey doesn’t care, or he’s blabbing when he shouldn’t be.

No matter how you spin it, Jon is a douchebag confused.

I feel so freakin’ sorry for the Gosselin kids.  Not only is their world turned upside down, their father seems to think he’s 18 again instead of a 32-year-old dad with eight young children.


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