Jon Gosselin's Twitter Tirade Lands Him In Trouble

Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin's Twitter tirade lands him in more legal trouble

It seems that Jon Gosselin’s Twitter Tirade  has gotten him in a bit of a bind. According to, Kate’s lawyer, Mark Momjian,is accusing Jon of violating an “unambiguous” court order after the father of eight commented on his recent legal battles to keep the children off of television. “The court has previously entered an order restricting the parties from commenting on the underlying custody proceedings,” Momjian stated. Jon’s tweets regarding the topic and the outcome of his October 13th court date apparently violated the said order.

So what does this mean for the Twitter-happy ex-reality star? Scources reveal that Kate and her lawyer will “consult about the latest Tweet and respond vigorously to it, through the court.” Momjian added, “We think this is in violation of a court order preventing any parties from discussing these matters. We will respond to it through the court, as that is the appropriate forum to deal with these issues.”

It looks as though Jon’s comments about his court case may have earned him another court date. What type of example is he setting for his children by publicly commenting on a private matter that was ordered to remain inside the courtroom?

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