Jon Hamm Doesn’t Want Children, Okay?

Childless Jon

Jon Hamm is not your average Brad Pitt, ladies. While Brad’s life long dream has been to raise a soccer team of kids, (he’s almost there), Mad Men star Jon doesn’t want to have any children, so stop asking him about it.

The handsome, genetically-advantaged actor told Playboy Magazine:

“I don’t have a driving force to have a baby. That said, I’m in a committed relationship, and if it ever came up, I’m not ruling it out.”

In a world where MTV television stars such as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and those Teen Moms continue to pro-create, this breaks my heart. Jon and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt really do have the power to make beautiful, intelligent babies, and we need more of that on this blog.


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