Jon Is Screwing Up His Relationship With TLC


jon-gosselin-murseIs Jon having relationship troubles with TLC? Apparently, Jon’s retarded antics — and shameless profiteering — aren’t winning him any friends at his show’s network. They’ve even started blurring out his Ed Hardy shirts.

From Radar:

“TLC feels like they are being used by Jon,” said a source close to the situation. “They want to send him a message loud and clear.”

They’ve made it a policy that they will blur out any logos that Jon wears on the show. That’s a bummer for Jon’s endorsement contracts. I was pretty sure he was going to start forcing his kids to wear Ed Hardy shirts to help pay off his new Porsche.

Allegedly, Jon feels like TLC is taking Kate’s side in the divorce, trying to shut him down while parading Kate around on talk shows. Supposedly, the network people pretty displeased with his off-camera antics as well.

Sure, execs may not like Jon making too much cash on the side from Ed Hardy endorsements, but I’m not buying the idea that they don’t like his behavior. Jon’s meltdown, midlife crisis thing has made him infamous, and being a train wreck sells.

TLC is probably just angry that Jon & Kate’s ratings are down — and that’s mainly because their tabloid fame has eclipsed their show.