Jon & Kate - I'm So Tired Of Them


jon-and-kate-promo-cornballJon and Kate, what else is there to say?

Yesterday we reported that Kate is filing papers to make Jon give all the money back and Jon is saying that she’s the one hiding money.

Now Kate is ordering Jon to sell his cars: a Mercedes and a BMW.

Therein lies the problem. Jon does something and Kate orders him to change or to do something different.  It’s a vicious cycle that they can’t break.

Kate’s document said that she is:  “Unable to pay any bills or expenses for her or the parties eight children, including the real estate taxes, individual taxes, quarterly taxes, tuition for the children, clothing for the children and repairs to the homes. Husband’s conduct is knowing, willful, malicious, in bad faith and outrageous.”

Watching this is like hearing a brother and sister fight. They make me tired!


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