Jon & Kate are Number One!



TLC has given us some big shows over the years.  Remember that very special episode of “Trading Spaces” with that guy that works in accounting?  The whole office was glued to that one!

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the highest rated program in TLC’s history.  Also, “What Not to Wear” didn’t get the honor, which truly seems like an injustice.  Clinton and Stacy can dump my closet of crap any day.

No, the highest ranking in TLC’s history goes to the Gosselin family and their little slice of scripted reality.  A couple of weeks ago 10.6 of your friends and neighbors tuned in to watch the drama that is the life Gosselin.  Jon and Kate may not be Ozzie and Harriet (or Ozzy and Sharon for that matter), but they’re bringing in the numbers, which, and I speak on behalf of all fairly intelligent people, is kind of embarrassing.

Seriously, who watches this stuff?  Do people let their kids watch it?  It’s a show, technically, about family and raising a bushel of children, but it doesn’t seem like the headlines it generates are really child-friendly.  What goes on here?

Is Jon & Kate Plus 8 even about the Plus 8 anymore?

Update – The numbers for this week took a huge hit.  Are people starting to move on?  Also, will Clinton and Stacy get their shot at the top spot? TLC viewers want to know.