Jon & Kate Ratings Tank: Beginning Of The End?



For the last few weeks, TLC has watched the ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 plummet. Are the Gosselin’s 15 minutes just about up?

Monday’s episode saw the lowest ratings yet, with only 2.9 million sets of eyes watching — not bad for cable standards, but a pretty far cry from the 9.8 million viewers who watched the season premiere.

Every week, it’s a new low for the season, it doesn’t seem to matter whether TLC brings on Emeril Legasse or the guys from American Chopper.

Are people fed up with the Gosselins and their tacky antics, the cheating, and the spanking kids in public? Or have we just passed the point of Jon & Kate overload?

Either way, it can’t be good news for the family. For months now, it’s looked like Jon and Kate were only pretending to hold things together for the money. Now, the money machine is sputtering.

Fortunately for J&K’s pocketbook, they’ve been milking this thing for all it’s worth for quite some time now.