Jon and Kate Play Nice For The Camera


Jon And Kate Meet Face To Face (No France, No Germany, No OZ/NZ)Oh look, Kate and Jon played together, for the kids sake, over the weekend.

Kate must feel a little embarrassed after the whole cop calling thing. Here they are though, just a couple days later playing nice.

Jon has to have realized that Kate and TLC are trying to cut him out of any kind of deal he may be trying to make. Which to me seems really unfair.

Kate has had opportunity after opportunity to write her books, have public speaking appearances, and make money hand over fist. All the while Jon was at home with the kids.

Sure he’s a douche, but he should be allowed his fair shore of the money making opportunities. If TLC rejects his plans than they really are taking Kate’s side in all this mess.

Do they think it’s going to bring in more women watchers, because they can identify?

It’s all such a big mess, I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story.


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