John Mayer Wants To Marry Jennifer Aniston


john-mayer-and-jennifer-aniston-together-again-1Are John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston getting back together? That’s the scuttlebutt today.

John, according to a source, is desperate to get back with Jennifer Aniston. He’s even said that he would give the relationship his best shot. They could take it slow and even “build a life together” and maybe get married.

John’s friend said, “John suggested that if all is going well with them in six months, then they can begin discussing marriage and building a life together. Jen was floored! John always seemed so anti-commitment before. But now he’s begging Jen for another chance and he’s promising to give the relationship his best shot.’
“Despite his big plans, John suggested they don’t rush into moving in together. She’ll keep her house in Beverly Hills, while John will continue to live in Pacific Palisades. I think it’s just because he wants to move slowly and avoid mistakes they made previously.”

Does that mean that, if they get back together, there will be a baby in that family? Maybe that’s the reason Jen is taking time off from work. She is going to get back together with John and work on a family.

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