Jon Says The Media Is Exploiting His Kids (Not TLC, Or Himself)


jon-gosselin-kidsJon wants to set the record straight on one thing: his kids are possibly being exploited, but not by him or TLC — by “the media.” Reportedly, that’s one of the more controversial sentiments he expressed in his recent interview with Good Morning America.

At first, the reports came out that Jon had potentially bit the hand that feeds him, indicating that TLC was exploiting his kids. To clarify, he made this remark to E! News:

“I’m not saying TLC is exploiting my children. But I do believe the media and tabloids covering my family and the show for their own financial gain are the ones exploiting them.”

The media, with its ultimate parental control over the Gosselin kids, is obviously responsible… just as the media is responsible for teaching Jon’s kids table manners.

Come on. Who could (and does) possibly get a more direct financial benefit out of exploiting Jon’s sextuplets and twins than Jon, Kate, and TLC? Give me a break.

The full interview will air sometime this week, where we can find out if Jon was really willing to dish up all the dirt on his breakup with Kate.