Jon Stewart and Family Stroll the Streets of NYC


Jon Stewart and his family were spotted strolling the streets of Tribeca in New York City.

Stewart, host of The Daily Show and his wife, Tracey Stewart have two children Nathan, 6, and Maggie, 4.  We can just imagine how amusing it would be growing up with a humorous dad like him.

Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show will take part in a discussion and signing of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth at Barnes & Noble Union Square in New York at 8pm on Monday, September 27.

Recently Stewart took a jab at recent media criticism of President Obama’s appearance on The View.    He said not only is it hypocritical in light of the many Bush TV appearances, but had Obama instead attended the Boy Scouts of America conference as many on the right think he should have, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

 “Nothing Obama does will ever make you f***ing happy, will it? Nothing,” said Stewart. “Let’s say Obama reversed his decision. There’s nothing the guy can do. Let’s say he reversed his decision I’m sure that would have been a problem. This president passes on an open forum to discuss issues important to women on national television, in order to stand in a field rallying his adoring, uniformed youth? Hm, I wonder who else would have made that choice.”