Jon Stewart Rally Attendance: Did People Bring Their Kids To Rally To Restore Sanity?

jon stewart rally attendance
Jon Stewart Rally Attendance: Were Kids There?

The Jon Stewart Rally attendance numbers are looking more and more like they were over the 150,000 mark as new reports start to come in.

The Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity definitely had a hodge-podge of a crowd in attendance, and some are even comparing the rally to a modern day Woodstock of sorts. With all walks of life at Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity, we can’t help but ask, “Did people bring their kids?”

The answer to that question is yes. People who were passionate about seeing the Rally to Restore Sanity braved the DC crowds, kids and all.

One woman said that she brought her kids with her, “because we want them to remember they were a part of something like this.”

Another kid was spotted at the Rally To Restore Sanity holding a sign that read, “Oh no! I’m surrounded by descendants of immigrants!”

Would you have brought your kids to the Jon Stewart Rally…or to any similar event for that matter?