Jon Takes 4 Out To The Ball Game (Video)


Aaden.Mady and Jon GosselinWhile Kate was stonewalling Larry KingJon took 1/2 of the brood out to a baseball game. I’m wondering what happened to the other four?

I’m only guessing here, but I think maybe there’s something to those rumors that Jon is broke. Even though it was only a minor league game (where they don’t gouge you nearly as much), I think he still couldn’t afford 8 tickets, 8 hot dogs, and 8 t-shirts. So, he picked his 4 favorite children and left the rest behind.

Again, that’s only a theory.

The kids were apparently a big hit with the crowd, and each of them got to throw out a ceremonial pitch and pose with a serious-looking Jon. At least one of the Gosselin kids has quite an arm, you can see it in the video.

How do you choose who to bring and who to leave at home? Do you think he left the other kids home with his favorite stripper/babysitter. Hopefully, Jon will take the other four next time to even things out.