Jon Voight Bonding With Angelina & Brad's Kids

jon voight
Jon Voight was spotted babysitting Brad and Angie's kids.

Although their relationship has definitely been very strained over the past few years, Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, seem to be mending any fences between them. Their father/daughter rift took a sharp dive after Jon revealed to the media that Angelina was adopting Maddox from Cambodia when he was a baby before she had formally announced it.

Since then, there have even been times when Angie didn’t want him seeing his grandkids, but now, he is bonding with them and even taking them out on his own. Jon was recently spotted out and about with Angie and Brad’s kids in London. He was being a very doting grandfather, and bought them ice cream cones. Brad and Angelina are both out of the country right now, so it looks like Jon, plus a female companion, were helping to care for the kids in their parents’ absence.

You can see photos of the kids and their grandfather Jon Voight here. They all look so happy and content to be spending time together!

It’s great that they are patching things up for the sake of the kids!