Jon Vs. Kate Plus 8 - Birthday Party Live Video Stream!


jon-and-kate-birthday-party-live-streamBy now you know there’s a smackdown brewing between Jon and Kate Gosselin surrounding today’s birthday party for their twins, Cara and Mady and Jon is predicting “WWIII” when he shows up at the festivities taking place at the family’s million-dollar home in Pennsylvania. And I thought arguing with my husband over the location of the piñata at my daughter’s party was rough.

Thanks to technology you might get to see the whole Great Gosselin Throwdown as it unfolds – TMZ is live-streaming the whole thing on their website.  Get the link after the jump.

According to Jon, Kate is trying to limit his time with Mady and Cara at the party today and he’s not happy about it. Things could get ugly, but for the sake of the twins I hope it doesn’t. Remember Jon and Kate – this party is for your kids, right? Try to remember that before you start screaming and throwing cake.

See the live-stream of the birthday party here.