Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay? Lo Bosworth Outs Him On Chelsea Lately? (VIDEO)

jonathan taylor thomas
Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay?

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas gay? Say it isn’t so! Personally, I had never heard any rumors about Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s sexuality until Lo Bosworth appeared on Chelsea Lately last night. Near the end of her interview, Chelsea asked Lo if she has a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Bosworth replied that “everyone has a crush on him”, and also added, “but I don’t know if he’s gay!”

You can watch Lo Bosworth on Chelsea Lately in the video clip below and judge for yourself…did she possibly out Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Lo Bosworth, formerly of The Hills, was on Chelsea Lately to promote her new dating book, “The Lo Down”, but instead of buzzing about her book, all anyone wants to know is whether her Jonathan Taylor Thomas comments have some truth to them. What do you think?

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