Josh and Fergie Have Entered Planning Stages


josh-fergie-breakupIs there any truth to the rumors that  Fergie and Josh Duhamel fighting? They’ve been married less than a year so it’s entirely possibly. They have to be having some growing pains.

I was under the impression from the kajillion articles we’ve written about them that they were going to wait until Fergie is done with her tour in October.  Maybe we should actually wait until October, when the couple is together consistently, before we decide if they are fighting or not.

Recently Josh was spotted smiling giddily at a maternity store of all places. An “insider” says: “Josh was on the phone with Fergie and laughing while looking at maternity clothes. He looked like a proud father already! Then, after about 15 minutes, he noticed he was being watched and when the saleswoman asked if he needed help, he quickly said, ‘No, thanks,’ and darted out of the store.”

Maybe they are just in the planning stages and he’s wanting to move on to the next chapter in his life and he’s frustrated, because he has to wait until October to do it.