Josh Duhamel May Finally Get To Be A Dad - But Not With Fergie


fergie-josh-wedHow To Have A Happy Family:

1. Do not have affair with stripper.

2. Do not get said stripper pregnant.

Sadly, it appears that Josh Duhamel missed the memo, and he and wife Fergie may be in for a very, very bump road.

Just last month, Josh and Fergie renewed their vows in a private ceremony, an apparent attempt to recommit to each other after scandal plagued the couple’s first year of marriage.  But the allegations that Josh cheated on Fergie with a stripper last fall refuse to die, and now there may be a baby involved.

Nicole Forrester, the stripper that Duhamel is accused of cheating on his wife with, claims that she is “95 percent certain” that she’s carrying the married man’s baby. Forrester told the National Enquirer (really? REALLY? This is who you tell??) that “Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, it’s probably Josh’s. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”

Whatever she “decides to do”, it doesn’t sound like Nicole is feeling very maternal yet.  She’s allegedly told friends that she is three and a half months pregnant and is “carrying a million dollar baby!”

Poor Fergie.  And really?  Poor Josh.  We know he’s been wanting to start a family for a long time, but I can’t imagine this is what he had in mind.


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