Josh Duhamel on Fergie's 'Plan' for Babies


Josh Duhamel hits theaters later this fall playing a father in his new film, Life As We Know It, and it sounds like he may get some real life experience in the not-too-distant future.  

The new issue of Elle magazine features Josh talking fatherhood both onscreen and off.  

In the film, Josh costars with Katherine Heigl playing two singletons whose best friends are married to each other. Their friends initially try to set them up which fails miserably.  When their friends are tragically killed in a car accident, the duo learn that its up to them to raise their one-year-daughter.

“It’s not just a simple ‘Yes, I’ll do it; I’ll be a good father,” Josh explains of his characters reaction to the circumstances. “There are some real questions: whether or not he wants to do it, whether he can, whether he’s even going to stick around.”

In real life, it’s a role that Josh seems to relish for himself as he proudly shows off photos of his one-year-old niece and nephew. 

Babies definitely seem to be in the cards for Josh and Fergie.  He already has a list of potential baby names locked up in his Blackberry! 

So does that mean we should expect to hear an announcement from the couple anytime soon?

“Oh, she’s a planner,” Josh says affectionately. “She’s got a plan.”

Life As We Know It his theaters October 8.

Photo: PR Photos