Josh Kelley Talks Baby Naleigh, Wife Katherine Heigl

Josh Kelley Katherine Heigle baby Naleigh
Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigle with baby Naleigh

Musician Josh Kelley talks with Taste of Country about adopting baby Naleigh and how he balances his career with the baby and his wife, actress Katherine Heigl.

Kelley says that daughter Naleigh “has changed me for the better in every way.”

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl adopted daughter Naleigh from South Korea, explaining, “She took us from being very much about ourselves to being selfless. Instead of living for my career and these weird goals, I’ve got a mouth the feed and someone to take care of and someone to raise. We live for the family now! It’s pretty great. I love it!”

Kelley also says that Naleigh is “a daddy’s girl,” explaining, “I love getting her up in the morning and taking her to my studio, and we have breakfast together and all that stuff.”

As for balancing the life as a musician and having a family, Josh Kelley explains that Heigl and Naleigh come on the tour bus and that he makes time for his family: “I want it to work. I love my wife. I love my child. You just do it. I am always flying home, and they come out on the road with me every now and then. I’ve got a great manager who is really smart about putting in a lot of time for family time, and that really helps a lot!


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