Josie Duggar Finally Goes Home


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have got to be over the moon with relief and happiness. Josie, baby numero 19 in the ever expanding brood, has gone home for the first time since her birth six months ago!

Michelle suffered from preeclampsia and Josie had to be delivered early via C-section. Taking her first breath at the gestational age of 25 weeks, Josie spent the beginning months  in a neonatal intensive care unit fighting for her life.

Luckily, catered to by medical staff, she was in the clear by June 3 and released from the hospital. But a homecoming wasn’t meant to be just yet. Josie’s siblings all had a case of chicken pox and she had to be kept separate.

Josie has spent the past three weeks with mom in a rental house until the family was pox-free and ready to welcome her into a healthy household.

“It is good to be home,” Michelle said. “It is surreal to be here. It was such a long time we were away.”

Josie now weighs a “chunky” 9 lbs., 1 oz and is settling into life with 18 brothers and sisters.

Congrats to the happy family.