Joy Behar to Bethenny Frankel: Don't Tell Women Breastfeeding is Hard


Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? co-hosted The View yesterday, moving forward on her five-year plan of transitioning from reality television to a talk show format.  (Get Bethenny in there permanently — those View women are getting tiresome!)  I could do a whole post about how certain View co-hosts have worn out their welcome, but let me get to the point: When Frankel mentioned that nobody tells women that breastfeeding can be “the hardest thing in the whole world,” Behar said “I didn’t find it hard at all” and that Frankel “shouldn’t tell women” it’s difficult.  Um, Joy? I am so freakin’ happy for you that breastfeeding wasn’t hard for you! That’s sooooooo awesome! But for many of us, it was a harrowing experience. And many of us, feeling pressured by society that “breast is best,” hired lactation consultants, sobbed about the inability to breastfeed and subsequently felt guilty.

But, please — don’t tell other women they may experience difficulties! No, let them suffer alone with their newborn, wondering what is wrong with them and thinking they are the only ones who ever had problems breastfeeding their babies.

Whoopi Goldberg, to her credit, noted that the breastfeeding police pressure women and that “not every woman is meant to breastfeed.” Goldberg says if you can breastfeed, great, if not, “don’t worry about it.”

Frankel, instead of standing up to Behar, said women can “plow through it” and “come from a place of yes” and it works out. Or at least it did for her. (Breastfeeding wouldn’t have worked out for me whether I came from a place of yes, maybe or hell no.)  I don’t blame Frankel for not telling Behar to stuff it; she was a guest co-host after all… But Frankel’s “place of yes” talk may get old really quickly, especially since that’s the theme of her forthcoming book.

You can view this particular clip here for a limited time or the entire episode here.