JT and Jessica Are Getting Pressured To Procreate



Now that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been a steady thing for a couple of years, they’re now getting pressured with the question that all twenty-somethings are sick of hearing: when are you going to have a baby?

Apparently, Jessica’s dad isn’t the only parental unit pressing the couple to make some of those dreaded “life decisions.” Justin’s mom, Lynn Harless, is apparently politicking for a grandbaby sooner than later.

According to Fox, Lynn is quoted as saying that she doesn’t want to be an “old grandmother,” and that having a child sooner than later is ideal, because you have “so much more energy.”<

Friends say that whenever Lynn goes off on the baby subject, JT tells her to “cut it out.” Lynn pressure to squeeze out a baby or two might be funny to JT, but I bet it really gets under Jessica’s skin at some level (in-laws, married or not, ususally do).

Jessica Biel was quoted recently as saying that she had “no idea” if marriage was in the cards for her, ever. She still wants to pursue her career, and I’m assuming, if she doesn’t want to make time for a wedding, she probably doesn’t want to take time out for a baby either. Hmmm.