Judd Apatow Says It's Okay For Boys To Cry



Judd Apatow has two little girls Iris and Maude and says he cries in front of them all the time and, it’s okay.

His interview in the July/August Playboy magazine tells us all kinds of things we probably never wanted to know, but we do get the answer to one question. Why do men always cry in your movies?

On men crying in his movies: “I’m a big crier. Sometimes when my wife [actress Leslie Mann] and I are watching a movie we’ll both start to cry at the same time, and then we’ll slowly turn toward each other to acknowledge that it got both of us. That’s great and funny when we’re both crying, but it’s not so wonderful when I’m the only one in tears.”

Those little girls are going to grow up wondering what’s wrong with the men in their lives if they don’t cry.

Source – Playboy Magazine Photo