Jude Law's Baby Mama Gets A Blog


samantha-burke-jude-lawIt’s one of the most dreaded situations that a celebrity baby daddy can find himself in: the baby mama has a blog. Jude Law’s baby mama Samantha Burke is now telling her side of the pregnancy story on her blog. Luckily for Jude, it hasn’t gotten ugly yet.

From Samantha Burke’s latest entry:

“Only a month to go until I welcome Sophia into this world.  I’m excited, of course, but a little anxious too.  There is still so much to do to get ready.

With all that I have left to do, I’m going to sign off from this blog for now.  Be sure to check back with me after Sophia arrives.  I can’t wait!”

While it’s nice that Burke’s not grinding her axe just yet, with entries titled “Who Are You To Judge” and “Golddigger? Don’t Think So.” you can almost guarantee that future entries will feature titles like “OMG. What a Deadbeat!” or “Don’t Go See Jude’s New Movie!” But hey, then again, Jude Law made his bed, now he’s got to lie in it.

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than someone airing your dirty parental laundry on a blog is someone airing your dirty parental laundry on Twitter, like Travis Barker.

Hey, here’s something to hope for: Maybe Jude and Samantha will have internet feuds one day.