Jude Law Finally Meets Baby Sophia


jude-law-samantha-burke-sophia-meetingLast week Jude Law finally took the plunge and made the trip to Florida. Jude met his daughter Sophia for the first time.

If you remember, Sophia was born 5 months ago.
Apparently he was pretty nervous about meeting her, but wanted to do the right thing. The right thing includes agreements to be made regarding her future.

A source said,  Jude was very on edge about the meeting. The pregnancy wasn’t planned but he wants to do the right thing. It’s not like he can hide – as soon as Sophia can use the internet she can find out who her dad is.”

Jude spent part of his time with her lawyers hammering out some sort of agreement. It’s thought to be a sealed agreement, but I’m sure it was one which made Samantha very happy.


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