Jude Law Has it Out with the Paparazzi in NYC (Photos)

Jude Law Gets Mad!

While in New York City, Jude Law was just looking to have some quality time with two of his kids – Rudy and Iris when an overzealous member of the paparazzi apparently crossed the line. Jude? He was livid.

The dad stepped away from his kids to give the photographer a stern talking to, which, as it happens, was captured by yet another photographer. Check out photos of what went down here:

  • Jude Law and His Kids 1 of 5
    Jude Law and His Kids
    Jude Law gives the camera person a powerful stare.
  • Getting More Irate 2 of 5
    Getting More Irate
    You can tell that Jude Law is getting more and more irritated by the attention of the cameras.
  • On a Mission 3 of 5
    On a Mission
    He leaves his kids side to go over the the paparazzi.
  • The Talk 4 of 5
    The Talk
    Jude gives the photographer a stern talking to.
  • The Escape 5 of 5
    The Escape
    Finally the family has had enough, he hails a cab and they escape.


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