Jude Law Makes Sure The Kids Are Okay


jude-law-kids-samantha-burke-rafferty-iris-sophieJude Law sure has been spending a ton of time with his three oldest kids. Could it be perhaps that he wants to make sure they are alright with the whole baby sibling thing?

It’s being said that Jude, ” felt it would be easiest to just pay Samantha and hope that she moved on and left him alone. But now he is feeling very torn. He is on the brink of going to see Sophia but first of all, he wants to make sure his older kids feel totally secure and to make them feel they are involved in what is one of the biggest decisions of his life.”

Hopefully his kids heard it first from their dad and not some tabloid report. That would be just awful. If he does take the time to be a part of Sophie’s life it would be nice if they could all get along and there be no resentment.