Jude Law Shows Off What He Was Hiding Under Those Hats! (Photos)


Were you wondering what was under Jude Law’s collection of hats? Well, we know now.

Jude Law is going bald. Yes, it happens to many a man. But when you are in the “industry” some magic is usually enlisted to disguise this fact, be it by a toupee or some hair replacement system. But Jude Law, he is proudly showing off his lack of hair. And you know what? He still looks handsome and charming!

Check out photos of Jude Law’s bold road to baldness right here!

  • Jude Law – All Smiles 1 of 4
    Jude Law - All Smiles
    Jude Law at the French opening of "Sherlock Holmes 2: Games Of Shadows."
  • Jude Law’s Scalp 2 of 4
    Jude Law's Scalp
    Jude Law was not shy about showing his lack of hair.
  • Surpise! 3 of 4
    What a great surprised look!
  • Covered Up 4 of 4
    Covered Up
    Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr at the London premiere of Sherlock Holmes - "A Game of Shadows." Here Jude covered up.

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