Jude Law To Daughter: Can't Wait To Meet You... In 3 Months


samantha-burke-jude-law3Jude Law’s baby mama gave birth to their lovechild Sophia on Tuesday, and while I knew that he wasn’t going to be in the delivery room (mostly because he and Samantha appear to hate one another), I figured he’d be in the building. Apparently, that’s not the case. Rumor has it that Jude has informed Samantha that he couldn’t pencil in his daughter until after Hamlet has finished its run on Broadway, in 3 months!

Says one of Jude’s buddies:

“Sadly, Jude will not be able to see Sophia until he finishes work on Hamlet on Broadway in December…

Jude thinks that if he goes to Florida immediately, it will be a media circus,” says his friend. “He doesn’t see why he should give the paparazzi the pleasure…

Jude is keen to see Sophia and will make sure that he visits her before he returns to Britain.”

Whoa. Up to this point, I’ve been far more critical of Samantha Burke in the baby drama stemming from her and Jude Law’s one-night stand.

Now, I can see that I’ve made a mistake. While I was hating on golddigger Samantha Burke, I was neglecting to give Jude his fair share. What a douche! Now, he’s worse than just a womanizing, self-centered movie star (that much was pretty much a given) — he’s a deadbeat dad!

She’s your daughter dude, you’re going to have to suck it up, paprazzi or no.