Judge Declares Mistrial In Travolta Extortion Case


john-travolta-jettAfter all of John’s emotional and heart-wrenching testimony in the extortion case surrounding the death of his son Jett, it was all for naught. The judge has declared a mistrial in the Travolta case after being informed that there was some kind of inappropriate communication going on with one of more of the jurors. This was after the jury had been deliberating for 8 hours!

Apparently, a local political rally had been informed (possibly from someone inside the jury room) that one of the paramedics accused of attempting to extort $25M from John Travolta would be found not guilty.

John Travolta really had to put a lot on the line to try and bring these guys to justice, including going against the Church of Scientology by acknowledging that his son suffered from autism. Still, I guess the judge had no choice but to call for a retrial.

Man, I really feel for Travolta after this. Not only did he have to relive his son’s tragic death and suffer an “emotional collapse” in the process, but now he’s going to have to do it all over again. Is it any easier the second time around? I wonder…