Judge Extends The Courtney Love Restraining Order


courtney-love-and-frances-bean-cobain-3If Courtney Love lost custody of her simply because because the 17-year-old prefers to live with her paternal grandmother, as Courtney’s lawyers claim, then why the heck has a judge banned Courtney from having any contact with Frances until April 9th?

Obviously, the judge has reason to believe that Courtney poses some kind of danger to her daughter. And while Team Courtney would have you believe that the custody battle has to do with the fact that Love is simply battling drug problems, that doesn’t quite explain the restraining order.

Restraining orders usually involve some type of violence, don’t they? Not just parental ineptitude?

Of course, since Frances Bean Cobain is still a minor, the details of the case are sealed. But it seems pretty noteworthy that the judge has extended the restraining order, even though Frances will become a legally recognized adult in August.

Once Frances turns 18, the custody case won’t matter and she’ll have to decide on her own whether she’ll have any contact with her mother.