Judge: Michael Jackson's Kids Are Doing "Wonderfully"


jackson-tribute-d-779-7LA Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff has sealed the records on MJ’s kids, saying that their grandmother Katherine Jackson is doing such a good job, the courts no longer needs to keep tabs on the family’s progress. So you can close the book on that one.

Says the judge:

“It looks like the children are really doing wonderfully with their grandmother guardian.”

After all the kids have been through (custody squabbles and strange new siblings), it’s nice to hear that the Jackson kids are doing so well. The Judge appointed Katherine Jackson as the permanent guardian of Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7.

In related news, MJ’s dermatologist (and suspected sperm donor) Dr. Arnold Klein has been taken out of the loop by Judge Beckloff. Klein caused a stir back in August when he petitioned to have some control over the guardianship of Paris and Prince Michael, but Friday the judge said he has no right to raise concerns over the children’s welfare. Oh snap.