Julia Roberts Almost Passed on Eat, Pray, Love Because of Her Kids


Once a movie comes out, it’s often hard to picture any other actor in the leading role, especially if the lead is Julia Roberts. (Did you know Molly Ringwald was offered Pretty Woman — can you imagine???). And so it is with Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love where by all accounts she lights up the screen as she traces Elizabeth Gilbert’s steps through Italy, India and Bali. But she almost didn’t take the role. Why? Her number one priority, her family. Roberts has three children with husband Danny Moder: twins Hazel and Finn, 5, and younger brother Henry, 3. Following is an excerpt from a recent interview:

Eat Pray Love is such a huge book. Did you always want to do the movie?
When I first had lunch with Ryan Murphy (the director), I didn’t have any clue if I’d actually do this project. For starters, I’m a mother of three young children and this was a huge workload. This wasn’t just driving to Sony three days a week to shoot on a soundstage. It was shooting around the world. I didn’t know if I could commit my family. And the other issue was Ryan Murphy who sat there as the most relaxed man in the world. I thought, “Who is this guy?” Ryan didn’t want me if I couldn’t give heart and soul. And now, I’m so glad I did the movie because I leave it as in love with Ryan as I was on that first day.

How did you take your three young kids to India for this shoot?
Let’s just say I had this ten pound box I’ll call my mother’s pack. It was filled with medicines and Tylenol and Band-Aids and another nine pounds of snacks. One of my favorite bites in India was the granola bars I packed.

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