Julia Roberts: My Kids Are 'Fascinating'


Eat, Pray, Love actress Julia Roberts may be starring in a film all about self-discovery right now, but in real life, she’s more about discovering others–namely, her kids. The mom of five-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and three-year-old Henry with husband Daniel Moder can’t stop talking about her little ones and how they’re evolving.

“I’m very impressed with my kids,” she said. “I think they’re really interesting human beings. I have a good time with them.” The 42-year-old says she doesn’t act for her kids “per se,” but is happy to play with them on a regular basis, noting their love for books.

Roberts even said sometimes she just watches her kids as they wake up in the morning and get going for the day. “It’s just so fascinating to me–they’re so great and sweet and present,” she said. “I’m amazed by their innocence.”

It seems Roberts three kids are the gift that keeps on giving for her. And what does she give them in return (besides affection and houses all over the world, that is)? The actress has learned to sew so she can make gifts for the kids, from pillows to pants. “This is my new skill to keep my brain firm,” she said.


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