Julia Roberts Takes Her Kids To See The Lion King On Broadway! (Photos)

Julia Roberts was out and about with her children Hazel and Finn, en route to the Broadway show The Lion King.  
This is one amazing Broadway show! I think it is one of the best ones that really does capture the movie and the live theatre all in one place!
A little Pumbaa, a little Timon… and my favorite Rafiki!!!!  My husband’s best friend Kevin Gray played Scar in the traveling show and he was brilliant.
What was your first live theatre show? If you could take your kids to a show, what would it be?
  • Hi! 1 of 5

    Matching bag and coat just for the theatre!

  • Summertime 2 of 5

    Julia looks like summer is on its way, and she is off to the Hamptons! OK, no but the theatre!

  • Ahhhh 3 of 5

    Julia looks extremly excited to chat with the phtotographer!

  • Look! 4 of 5

    Remember when you were a kid and the big signs were so exciting!

  • Attire? 5 of 5

    I am a little surprised at the theatre clothing the kids are wearing. I would expect to see them a little more dressed up!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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