Julianna Margulies: A "Good Wife" Plays An Imperfect Mother.


425thegoodwifemarguliesjuliannalc090809Julianna Margulies, playing spurned-public-wife-turned-lawyer Alicia in her hit series, The Good Wife, continues to unveil the complexities of a  modern, working-single-mother.  This piece tells you all you need to know about the ongoing plot of the show and dissects last night’s episode  (beware – spoiler alert!). But what caught our eye was the mention that Julianna’s character revealed a new facet – that of an imperfect mother.  

As a  mom herself (Julianna’s son Kieran is turning 2 this Sunday and we must say, is ADORABLE), julianne-margulies-300x4001we couldn’t help but wonder if real life motherhood was affecting her role playing or if in fact, the role was making an impact on her at home.   And what’s it like to be the mom of a toddler, yet flashing forward to playing the mother of two teens?  We’re hoping to find out if we can catch up with Julianna during her whirlwind trip to LA this weekend (and if she’ll have birthday boy Kieran here to celebrate his special day).

No stranger to award shows, Julianna was nominated 7 times for ER, but this is her first (of many we hope) for the incredible role she plays in The Good Wife.

Award or no award, it’s exciting to see Julianna blossom in her new show and as a new mother! (and Happy almost birthday Kieran).